Make music in a fun & intuitive way – with just your phone! 

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We're currently defining the functionalities of a new application that will allow you to play directly on your iPhone screen. Want to help us by giving us your feedback? Sign up using the form below and we'll send you an email with an invitation code in the next few weeks.

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Record musical loops on the fly!

Sketch out your musical ideas wherever you are. Intuitively create musical loops on your iPhone screen using the sound bank included in the app. Enjoy all the features of production software in a simplified version, so you can experiment without restrictions!

Record your own tracks!

Record a complete audio track and intuitively add effects for a unique result. Create your own samples or add any sound from your personal library to play in fun ways!

Use different musical loops to easily create your own song

Every week, new covers of well-known songs are added to the app's library. From Dua Lipa to Daft Punk, use the musical loops of the artists who inspire you to create.

Share your creations and go further!

Share your track directly from your phone on socials, or finalize your creation in your favorite music production software using Audio, STEMS or MIDI export.