practice digital music with pleasure and intuitiveness

Get inspired by your favorite artists to create and capture your musical ideas with the J-App!

Connect the J-App to your J-Play and play instantly!

The J-App saves you from the laborious set-up of conventional production software. Once on the Board, the app instantly recognizes the pad, transforming your J-Play into a guitar, piano, drum kit, keyboard or audio editor.

Create intuitively!

All the functions of production software in a simplified version. Set the tempo naturally, re-adjust your notes to play in rhythm and easily edit your sections.

Explore different sound worlds

From rock to electro to hip-hop, the J-App provides professional quality sounds, and sound packs designed in collaboration with famous artists are here to inspire you!

Discover The J-APP SOUNDS

Create your own sounds!

Create your own samples or add any sound from your personal library with the sampler function. A fun feature to create unique tracks!

how to create your custom sounds

Replay the songs you love

Sorted by difficulty level, a wide selection of covers invites you to interpret songs step by step while visualizing the notes.

Remix your favorite artists

Get creative with covers! Change the sounds, the tempo or add your own rhythms and melodies!


Covers Library

Mixing the latest hits with timeless tunes, the J-App covers library invites you to interpret a song step by step, or remix it!

Get started with the J-app

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Build a track

Download the J-Play app

The J-Play app is available for Windows, macOS and iPadOS.

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