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The Joué Play is designed to be Plug&Play. This means that you simply connect the Board Play to any device that has the Joué Play app using the USB-C to USB-C cable that comes with the device. If needed, use the Apple Lightning or USB-A adapters.

Play Board & Play Pads


Made of wood and metal, the Board Play is equipped with a pressure sensitive sensor (RFID). It has been designed to automatically detect the Play Pads that are placed on it. On its own, it does not emit sound; it must be connected to a device equipped with the Joué Play application or other compatible music software.


There are four Play Pads: piano, guitar, keys and drums, all in Water or Fire edition.
Each one has its particularities but they also have common features:
- On each pad you will find transport controls ▶️ ⏺ allowing to launch the playback or the recording directly from the instrument.
- On the top right of each pad, a silicone hook allows for easy pad removal.
- Each pad also has an octave change function 🔽 🔼. Use the arrows to access lower (left) or higher (right) notes. Note that on the drum pad (Play Drum Pad), this feature changes the sound bank.

Piano Pad

You'll find on the Piano Pad 25 keys, which represents 2 octaves from a traditional keyboard, with an additional "C" on the right.
Effect ribbon: slide your finger from left to right to adjust the effect level, by default the effect is off.
Effect bubble: press it to activate the associated effect, the effect is more or less intense depending on the pressure exerted and is deactivated when you release the pressure.

The effects vary according to the chosen sound.


Drum Pad

The Play Drum Pad is composed of 12 squares, each with its own percussive sound.
Effect area: allows you to adjust two parameters (effects) along two axes X and Y. Drag your finger across this space to adjust the desired amount of each effect. On the X-axis (horizontal) add distortion to your rhythm track and on the Y-axis (vertical) adjust the reverb to your drum sounds.
Effect bubble: allows you to add various sound effects to the drums when you press on them.


Guitar Pad

The Guitar Pad represents a guitar neck. The leftmost note of each string is the note of the "open" string. Vibrato, slide, and glissando features are available on this pad.
Effect area: allows you to control the effects for each sound. Move your finger up and down to adjust the intensity of the effect.
Effect bubble: allows you to activate an effect when you apply pressure to it. The intensity of the effect varies according to the pressure applied.


Keys Pad

Composed of 17 keys, the Play Keys Pad allows you to play melodies or soundtracks with a fixed scale (set of musical notes). You can change the scale of the Keys pad by using the "tuning" feature directly in the application.

Effect ribbon: controls the intensity of the effect by sliding your finger from left to right.
Effect bubble: Add a second effect to your sound, its intensity will be proportional to the pressure exerted on the bubble.



The Audio Pad Play consists of a flower of 5 pads, each with an associated effect, there is also a dynamic area with 4 available effects.
Effect flower: allows you to set two parameters effect depending on the angle and radius of the finger position.
Dynamic pad: allows you to adjust effects during the touch time according to the position of the finger.
Preset 1, 2 and 3: saves the fingers positions of the effect flower
Random: generates a random position of the finger on the effect flower.
Rec and Play: transport command, controlling the start of the recording and the play of the loop.



play board

Beech wood PEFC, metal, pressure sensitive sensor
360 x 130 x 15,6mm
USB-C cable with or without Apple Lightning or USB-A adapter
USB-C cable, no built-in battery

play pads

Soft silicone, RFID chip
270 x 120mm


The app that comes with the Joué Play is available for free on macOS, Windows and iPadOS.

The Joué Play is also a MIDI controller that can be used with all MIDI-compatible apps and music software.

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safety rules

- Read these instructions carefully
- Follow the instructions
- Do not use the unit near water
- Use a dry cloth to clean the instrument
- Do not install the unit near any heat source such as a radiator
- Be careful not to bend the USB cable
- Use accessories specified by the manufacturer
- Unplug the unit during stormy weather or when unused for long periods of time
- Refer all servicing to a qualified technician. Service is required when the unit has been damaged in any way
- No flames should be brought into contact with the device
- Malfunctions may occur if the instrument is installed on a metal support, especially iron.

This product generates permanent magnetic fields (> 150 mT) that may interfere with pacemakers and defibrillator implants (ICDs). Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm (12") between the instrument and the pacemaker or defibrillator implant.

The Play Board contains magnets and RFID readers, the pads contain metal particles and RFID tags. The RFID tags and readers allow the pads to be detected by the base. We recommend that you do not place the Play next to other magnetic devices or metal surfaces as this may affect its functionality.

WARNING: The RFID tags present in the pads must be programmed only with the software provided by Joué Music Instruments. Do not attempt to program the RFID tags with any other software, as this may damage the RFID tag and compromise its use.