Joué Play App v2.8 : A Step Deeper into Intuitive Music Creation

The Joué Play finds its unique place at the crossroads of acoustic and digital instruments. On the one hand, the instrument reacts to the slightest gestures and nuances of the hand, thereby offering sensations and expressiveness specific to classical instruments. On the other hand, its dedicated app invites you to experiment and play rather than programming complex production softwares. A spontaneous and intuitive experience that the team is pushing even further with the Joué Play app v2.8 and its flagship feature: Free Tempo.


Keep your OWN pace

Ever wanted to capture your ideas without struggling with defining the right tempo or being metronome-dependent? Whether you are a beat ahead, right on the beat or constantly late, it is no longer a question of measuring yourself against what already exists but of being in tune with a single tempo: yours.

Thanks to the "Free Tempo" feature, the Joué Play app breaks another lock of digital production softwares: tempo setting. To free your creativity, consciously or unconsciously restricted by the click of the metronome, free tempo mode invites you to play what is inside you. An energy, a move, a rhythm.

Thus, it is not you who follows the application but the application that follows you. As a true conductor, you spontaneously set the rhythm. Once your first loop recorded, the app detects the tempo, you can then add new colours to your tablature, all synchronised to the same rhythm.

Free Tempo opens a natural way of entering musical creation to make your experience feel more real, unique.

How it works?
Activate Free Tempo in the metronome section, play to start recording then press REC to end your loop, it's that easy!
 (+ use the magic magnet if you want to readjust the notes played afterwards)


From single loop to full track

Our Players asked for it, so here it is! Section Edition has been taken a step further: you can now duplicate, move and edit your sections for more flexibility in your creations.

Set the mood with a first intro loop, bring in other instruments section by section until you reach the climax and finish your song smoothly!

Previously limited to musical loops, this new version of the app now allows you to create complete songs: intro, chorus, verse... structure your song in an ultra intuitive way.

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