Finally reunited, with music!

This year, spend Holiday Season with people who really matter by breaking new grounds!

Celebrate the homecoming with music. For those long drawn-out dinners with family and friends, there's nothing better than putting the Joué Play in everyone's hands to create a song together, easily.

No matter your level of practice or your age, the instrument combined with its dedicated app unleashes your musical creativity and above all brings everyone together. Even if you've never touched a musical instrument before, the whole family can intuitively add their musical loop with the Pad of their choice. Yes, even your 89-year-old grandma!

Together, compete with Mariah Carrey and create your own Christmas song from A to Z, or have fun replaying classics from several generations, instrument by instrument, thanks to our How to Play covers.
By the way, you can also connect up to 4 Joué Play simultaneously to the app! Enjoy jamming for hours and create your own music group.

A few good reasons to fall for Joué Play this year:

  • Take advantage of our extended return period this December. If you don't make them happy by offering the Joué Play (which we highly doubt!), you can send it back for free throughout January.
  • Treat (yourself) with a gift that makes sense: in addition to musical practice, which has proven positive effects on socialisation, creativity and personal development, the Joué Play is an eco-designed instrument with a low carbon footprint and durable over time.

The Joué Team wishes you an excellent holiday season, full of music and creativity!


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