Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option
Joué Play - Pro Option

Joué Play - Pro Option

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The expressive and powerful MPE MIDI controller that pushes the boundaries of music production.

Upgrading the Joué Play to Pro must be done manually after purchase. You will receive a procedure email to proceed to the upgrade of your Joué Play.

Starter Pack: 1.068 kg
Full Pack: 1.326 kg

PEFC beech wood, metal, soft silicone, RFID tag, pressure-sensitive multi-touch sensor.

The color difference between Fire and Water edition is just aesthetic, features are the same.

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Push the Boundaries of Music Production

Bring unique expressivity to your musical creations and access a new dimension of sound design with a compact and modular MPE MIDI controller.

Expressivity At Your Fingertips

Sensitive to pressure and velocity, the Joué Play Pro opens the door to expressivity. Experience natural gestures such as glissando, vibrato or pitch bend and modulate the sound organically.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression

MPE is a new specification based on MIDI. It brings the expressivity and sensations of acoustic instruments into the world of digital music. Activate the MPE feature of your Joué Play and modulate all your MIDI parameters simultaneously with natural gestures.

what is mpe?

Customize All Your MIDI Messages

Available with the Pro Option, the Joué Editor software allows you to edit each MIDI message sent by the Play Pads. Turn the Keys Pad into a mixing console or tune the Guitar Pad into a left-handed guitar: the possibilities are endless.

Download the Joué Editor

macOS (10.10 minimum)
Windows (8 minimum)

Gain in Productivity

Discover a new way to control your software and virtual instruments. Combine all your controllers into one portable device that will always be at hand on the road, in the studio or on stage.

Compatible With Your Workflow

The majority of music software and virtual instruments can now take full advantage of the MPE capabilities of the Joué Play Pro Option for a seamless integration into your production environment.

Control Your Legendary Machines

Rediscover your synths and drum machines with the reConnect MIDI cable. No need for a computer or an external box, plug the reConnect MIDI cable to your Joué Play and it will send native MIDI messages without any latency.

They use Joué Play Pro

A Unique Technology

The technology implemented in the Joué Play offers an unparalleled playing experience. Equipped with a pressure-sensitive multi-touch sensor, the Joué Play draws its unique expressivity from an expertise developed with its ancestor the Lemur, pioneer of multi-touch controllers.

What's in the Box

1 Play Board compatible with the Joué Play app and all DAWs

2 or 4 Play Pads (Water or Fire Edition)

1 USB-C to USB-C cable

1 USB-C to USB-A adaptor

1 USB-C to Apple Lightning adaptor
1 storage case

made in france

sustainable materials

3-year warranty

You Already Own Joué Play

You experienced digital music-making with the Joué Play and want to go further?
Your instrument evolves with you! Step up to the Pro Option and fully express your creativity.

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