Playground Program

Let's make youth and marginalized people experiment with digital music practice

Put all the benefits of musical practice in theirs hands

Get people in need inspired to practice music with J-Play! Get instruments dotation, support and resources to lead community workshops with your non profit structure. Let's help them find a way to express their creativity, connect with others and gain confidence.

Encourage musical practice

By providing access to an innovative technology that guarantees pleasure and intuitiveness.

Discover each individual's ability to play music

By guiding them through dedicated workshops programs

Create a social connection through music pratice

Promoting teamwork and mutual support

About J-Play

During workshops, adults and youth realize they don't need any formal training to compose music. The J-Play offers a fast and fluid musical experience that guarantees pleasure and intuitiveness.

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Save preparation time with several customizable workshop projects designed by J-Music. Find the help you need to implement J-Play in your structure and share your ideas with the community.

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