module #2

Performing a song together


Several J-Play can be connected to the same device for multi-player jam sessions!

A simple and fun introduction to musical practice

Interpret a famous track in less than hour without music theory involved with the J-Play! This is the best way to give participants a simple and fun introduction to musical practice.

Cohesion and listening skills

Playing with others requires cohesion and listening skills that go beyond knowing how to play an instrument. During workshop sessions, the animator can help develop these faculties and encourage collective playing. Sharing musical experience strengthens the connections between participants.

Use the cover from the J-App Library

To prepare your workshop, you can use a track from a cover already available as template in the J-App. Some of them come with a video explaining how to remake the track step by step.

Watch the video serie


Interpret a famous in groups of 3

1. Beginning of the workshop: Introduction to the different pads and discovery of the song to be learned.

2. First step with instruments. Learning the first element of the piece (piano, drums, etc.)

3. Learning the second element of the piece.

4. Learning the last element of the song.

5. "Concert" session in groups of 3, each playing an element of the track


Discover the practice and the process of musical creation

Step 1: Song selection and analysis (Rhythm, Arrangement, Instruments...)

Step 2: Introduction to the instruments in the J-Play range.

Step 3: Study and reproduce each element of the track, in groups of 3.

Stage 4: Training and learning to play together.

Step 5: Live performance.

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