Practice at your own pace, explore new musical horizons and recreate your favorite songs thanks to interactive and playful content.

The Artist Packs

Available as direct download in the Joué Play app, the Artist Packs invite you to explore the musical worlds of renowned artists with 8 new "signature" instruments to add to your repertoire to enrich your creations.

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new artist pack

Vitalic brings you into his world!

Emblematic figure of the French Touch, Vitalic invites you to create your tracks taking inspiration from its techno, new wave & disco sounds.

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rone's artist pack

Dreamlike and delicate resonances, synthetic soundscapes and arpeggios, deep bass and percussion halfway between club and electroacoustic, explore Rone's unique sound world.

vitalic's artist pack

Aggressive analog synthesizers, strange leads of legendary modulars and vintage drum machines, explore Vitalic's unique sound world.

*The Artist Packs are only available in the Apple Store for macOS and iPadOS.

Our How to Play covers

Recreate a selection of famous songs and practice at your own pace using the "visual feedback" feature in the Joué Play app. For more tips and tricks, the How to Play tutorials are also available in video format on our YouTube channel.