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Make everything musical, easily.


Have fun by recording and playing with any sounds!

During workshops, to push even more creativity in a really fun way, you can guide participants in using the Sampler feature available with the Drum Pad while creating with the J-App. The goal is to make music as deep as their imagination allows them to. Let's make something unique!

what is sampling ?

Historically, sampling played an integral part in the process of making beats and sounds. Sampling, as its name suggests, means reusing a portion of a sound recording (the sample) in a brand new way. This sound can be a random noise, an acoustic instrument or even everyday objects. 

Get strated!

Your Joué Board connected to the device, you can create a new project with the Drumpad on the board. Auto creation of a track with the "HipHop" preset Click on the track. Click on the "User" library. Click on "+" to create a custom preset and enter the name of your preset. You are in the edit mode, which will allow you to record samples. If you have not set up an audio input, a popup asks if you want to do so. If you click yes, the audio settings window opens and you can activate your audio input.

Now you can play with the sampler!

Press a key and hold it down until you finish recording. The key you just recorded is selected. If the automatic adjustment between the beginning and the end of my audio sample doesn't suit you, you can adjust the beginning and the end of the sample in the top window. You can adjust the pitch and gain of your sample using the pad's effect area (physical), and finally play the sample using the pad. To delete a sample, select it either on the screen or on the physical pad and click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner.


Add any sound from your personal library

If you use the application from your Mac or PC, you can integrate a sample from your hard disk into your "custom kit". To do this, drag an audio file into a pad when you’re in edit mode.

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