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Dive into “The Sound of New York”

Producer of more than a dozen of Jay-Z's albums and having worked with major artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Eminem, Young Guru signs a pack with sounds coming from classic and modern hip-hop, from electronic synthesizers to lofi instruments and jazz.

Listen to a preview of the sounds in Young Guru Artist Pack:


The Grammy Award-winning music artist signed an exclusive Artist Pack in the Joué Play app with proceeds donated to 211 Community Impact, a non-profit organization close to his heart.


“It’s my way to give back to the community that I’m from”

Raised in Newark, Guru has been involved with the local community for decades. 211 Community Impact (also known as 211ci) is a New Jersey organization on a mission to stimulate interest in community issues and foster action for change. They provide community education programs, public policy information and general resources for active community engagement for Newark residents. 



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