Make more than beats : New Music Making App coming soon.

J-Music is about to launch a standalone app “J-Music Maker” for making music in the most intuitive way ever. Previously dedicated to the J-Play, a fun and intuitive controller with swappable pads, this version of the app brings you a pocket-sized music console to create music easily on your phone!

Like the instrument, the J-Music Maker App is versatile as it offers several playing modes to get creative : sketch - blend or beats.


SKETCH MODE: capture your musical ideas


Create your track from scratch whatever your level. Like in the actual J-App on iPad or computer, users find all the functions of production software in an easier version to create musical loops on the fly. Record beats with sounds from percussion, electronic and acoustic drum and add melodies piano/keys but also guitar riffs and bass lines is easier than ever! Shaping any audio recording or creating your own samples is also in everyone’s reach. The goal is simple here : make it a snap to capture your musical ideas and export your project (audio, MIDI, Stems) to finalize your creation in your favorite software.


BEATS MODE : explore beat making! 

Play with ready to use patterns of famous tracks! From rock to electro to hip-hop, the J-Music Maker delivers a catalog of covers to jam live with drum, synth and guitar sounds. Transform the tracks you love to listen into the hits you like to remix, launching samples of melodies and playing with beats. 

BLEND MODE : mix famous hits!

Here is the perfect mode to create trending audio for your socials! Use a huge library of famous hits updated weekly to create remixes. Blend famous musical loops from different tracks to find spark in less than a minute!  You'll also be able to explore remixes made by other fans. Create and share your performance!


A private beta version is actually here and the official release is planned for December. Register here bellow to get notified when the app is available on app store!

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