New app update: Enrich your tracks with the ultimate "+" button

Joué Play App V2.4

The application that comes with the instrument is no longer limited to 1 track per pad. You can now create up to 8 tracks with the same pad to diversify your music creations.

The very special "+" button is there to allow you to create more complete songs or sketch any musical idea in an exhaustive way!

From now on, to create a new track with the Joué Play, two solutions are possible:

Put a new pad on your board (like it was already the case) to automatically create a track corresponding to the dropped pad.


Choose to create a new track for the pad already placed on your board by pressing the "+" button in the center of the screen.

If you want to delete a track to make room for new instruments, just press and hold on the track you want to delete and confirm its removal.

To learn more about how to use the Joué Play app, we invite you to download our guide on this page.


Develop new musical skills and improve your technique! The 2.4 version of the Joué Play app is available for free download on Windows (8.1 and up), macOS (10.11 and up) and iPadOS (10.3 and up) here.

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