Plug and Play: Joué Play Instrument Honored with 2020 CES Innovation Award

French-based music innovation company Joué has been selected for its first-ever CES Innovation Award, thanks to its elegant and tech-savvy Joué Play instrument. The Play aims to democratize music creation via engaging interfaces and a user-friendly app.

“We’re thrilled to bring Joué instruments to a wider audience in the US, and to demonstrate how modular and intuitive modern instruments can be,” says Joué founder and CEO Pascal Joguet. “Every member of our team is a musician, and we want more people making music. Our technology and design lowers the barrier to entry and starts people creating music immediately.”

Joué can be found at CES at Booth 50241 and will be participating in the CES Unveiled event on January 5, 2020, in Las Vegas. 

Joué has created a series of modular instruments that can turn any focused music lover into a creative musician. Crafted in France from materials meant to be durable, portable, and sustainable, the Joué Play was designed by musicians to please both touch and ear. It’s also simple to start using: plug the Play into your device, launch the app, and start making music. 

Joué instruments start with a sleek, lightweight base, the Board, and then layer silicone Pads reminiscent of keyboards and fretboards that can be switched out easily. Musicians can make a beat, add a deep pad sound, then switch to a distorted guitar solo in a snap. Easy to carry in a backpack, Joué Play allows creators to make music, jam with friends, practice on the road, or just have fun anywhere.

“We designed Joué’s products to encourage infinite creativity, by letting creators swap out Pads and take their instruments wherever they need to go,” Joguet explains. “This award is a great way to introduce our products to American audiences. We’re excited to hear what happens next.”

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